Coordinating Foresight with
Research Roadmapping
To create the best shared future for humanity, we need dynamic and shareable coordination models that enable distributed pathfinding and embed incentives to create research public goods.
Research roadmapping is a knowledge sharing activity and a tool for solving scientific coordination problems.
Research Roadmaps are collaborative decision-making instruments that transparently outline the problem space and highlight promising routes toward a solution.
Science Discoverability
Roadmaps empower experts and aspiring experts in a variety of fields to share latent knowledge and find leverage points in a research network. Roadmaps empower users to:
  • understand the current state of the knowledge frontier
  • identify dependencies and missing links between milestones
  • make informed decisions and create requests for experiments
Alignment toward global optima
Roadmaps enable distributed coordination of the discovery of new facts and the invention of new forms to bridge the innovation chasm. Roadmaps. support:
  • immediate and continuous sharing of research visions, goals and milestones
  • collaboration among an inclusive set of stakeholders and across scientific disciplines and institutions
  • dynamic instrument to visualize who’s making or funding what, why, and what’s next
Identify and Incentivize Research Public Goods
Roadmaps support the creation of Investment Theses and Hypercerts opportunities. Roadmap architects can:
  • design well-scoped, goal-centered research initiatives
  • suggest new-value research directions
  • assemble stakeholders to match problems and capabilities, and maximize positive impact
Using Research Roadmapping, researchers and funders create a shared, transparent, and informed decision making platform for the creation of research public goods.
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